A Peek Inside Sunset Reads...

A Taste of
Sunset Reads:
William & Cristina
     Sunset Reads is one of the most successful Publishing Houses in New York City! It's doors are open to creative minds, writers, designers, and of course lovers.
   Sunset Reads' hallways are filled with laughter, tears, passion as well as a powerful enemy who is cruel enough to take it all away!
The Sunset Reads series is the first novel of a four part series. William & Cristina were characters that were built on the fantasy of new love. I will admit that the magnetic blue eyes that thrill Cristina are based on a well known superhero that flies around Metropolis...did I mention that I am a huge comic book fan!
     As you read along you might find yourself intrigued by a little dog named Obi. He would be my small and fluffy companion. Obi Wan- yes that is his name- is actually quite a character ; he has big brown soulful eyes, is extremely playful, and demands attention on a daily basis. He also lights up my whole family's life so it was inevitable that I place him as Cristina's companion as well.
       I am so grateful for this little guy and for the opportunity to share him with you all!